Tackle life's biggest challenges with a peer support group.

Whatever you're dealing with -- you are not alone! Connect virtually in a friendly and supportive group led by an experienced facilitator.

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Why Join A Peer Support Group

Learn From Others Like You

Realizing that you are not alone is often the first step to overcoming a life challenge. Learn from others in the same boat as you.

Find The Right Group for You

Our diverse network of facilitators and variety of groups makes it easy for you to find people you identify with and who can truly understand you.

Build New Relationships

As you share experiences with others in your group, you'll form deep connections and lasting bonds that will support you on your journey.

Accessible & Convenient

Select a group that meets when you are available. Join your group sessions on your phone, tablet, or desktop from wherever you are.

Experienced Facilitators

Our groups are led by passionate, dedicated, and experienced group facilitators who are recruited, trained, and certified by Forum.

Safe, Secure, and Confidential

We protect your privacy. Sessions are not recorded. We'll never sell your data. Everything you discuss in your group stays in your group.

Our Most Common Group Topics

get started
Loss of a loved one
Divorce or separation
Fitness & weight loss
Career & burnout

Do you have group facilitation experience?

We're recruiting new facilitators to lead groups on our platform. Learn more about how you can help others, expand your practice, and earn additional income.

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